Tele medicine

" Tele medicine - A convenient solution for remote doctor consultation "

The field of telemedicine is witnessing change at a very fast pace, a pace much faster than before. The reason behind this has been attributed to the rapid strides that technology has taken in recent years. This led to the invention of telemedicine that provides a convenient platform to connect with the doctor. Other advantages include round-the-clock access to medical care, virtual doctor visits, and etc.

With smartphones being virtually in everyone's hands, a mobile application of telemedicine can serve a great help. A telemediccine platform combined with number of smart and portable devices help the providers for measuring body vitals of clients at home, some of the most common ones being those of glucose and blood pressure.

At HealthcarePhase, we develop telemedicine platform according to our clients requirements to meet their needs.

The following are the benefits of HealthcarePhase's

  • Elderly people with chronic illness can be treated by doctors miles away without leaving their Eldercare facility.
  • A worker who becomes ill or injured on oil well who is 100s of miles away from land can be treated by doctors remotely via TeleMedicine.
  • Video conferencing facility helps medical practitioner interact with the patient almost immediately with a reduction in cost and increase convenience
  • Patients can be seen sooner by doctors for treatment
  • The cost of patients traveling to the hospital and waiting time is drastically reduced
  • Expert Medical advice, one on one consultation, 2nd opinion, online medical record
  • It protects one's privacy and from the comfort of your home
  • Patient Health records are stored securely following the HIPAA standards
  • Patients can be diagnosed and treated earlier which leads to improved outcomes and cheap treatments

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