Software Maintenance

" A cost-effective & comprehensive software and application maintenance service "

Software & Application maintenance for enterprises is necessary to rectify program bugs and logic or to correct data due to system errors. Customers with large legacy installations can continue to maintain their installed software without hampering development activities in more strategic areas. They can reallocate resources so as to maximize the strategic benefits of new technology. Software Maintenance is available for one, two or three years basis based on various models.

HealthcarePhase is committed to work closely with either principals or open source software technology to protect your software investment and ensure uninterrupted operation, access to vital technical support and product upgrades as require from time to time. Our maintenance guarantees that the applications will continue to run on the platform on which the software application operates, provides changes like newer version of the operating systems on the Server or PCs.

Advantages of HealthcarePhase Software & Application management services:

  • Application Bug Fixes
  • Application Enhancement
  • Application Change Request
  • Application Understanding & Analysis

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