Hospital information management system

" A customized HIMS solution to manage hospital data " .

HIMS (Hospital Information Management Software) manages your medical records and documents in an electronic format to simplify the process.

With HealthcarePhase HIMS, you can access your hospital information like track appointments, check availability of doctors, hospital rooms, ambulance, OPD etc., through simple clicks.

HealthcarePhase HIMS provides you with robust and secure data storage along with added benefits of data backup and recovery.

Some of the advantages of HealthcarePhase HIMS:

  • Customized design as per your requirements
  • Flexible and robust software
  • Easy and quick access to the documents
  • Retrieve patients charts and other medical reports with a few simple clicks
  • Provides access to all the records related to patients, doctors, medicine, ambulance etc., remotely
  • Smart clinical work flow
  • High standards of security to assure privacy, reliability and safety of your information

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